The service range of trifactory  - an integrated approach for a successful season

The service range of TRIFACTORY contains all necessary services for each phase of a successful year in sports. This includes 

  • performance diagnosis,
  • planning and supporting of training,
  •  race preparation and reflexion of races
  • equipment consulting

as the most important aspects of a successful season.


Through performance diagnosis it is ensured from the beginning, that the right training areas for swimming, cycling and runnig are  defined for the training.



Planning and supporting training contains

  • analysis and correction of technical elements of swimming, cycling and running
  • improvement of techniques for swimming, cycling and running
  • improvement of speed and performance capability for swimming, cycling and running


Parallel to the training the race season will be planned to reach maximum results and if requested accompanied. Defining the right race tactics and the pre- and post reflexion of races is also an important pillar.



If any questions about the right choice of equipment for training and race appear, competent answers will be provided.